> If you look at the researche we have about how humans develope (RL), then you
> will notice that there is two schools, one which thinks that the genetics has
> more to do than the environment when shaping a human and then the other
> branche sees it all the other way. So my geno based suggestion is of the most
> simple type, that you inherit your mothers modifiers as you do inherit a bit
> more from her than from your father.
> ->BTW: Where'd you get the 51% number? Not that it matters as the Human
> ->Genome isn't even closed to being mapped, but I'd like to know.
> I'll try to explain, the normal gens is divided 50/50, but in the blood we
> have a sort of DNA too, this DNA goes from mother to child. The father's
> "blood DNA" isn't transfered at all, this DNA has don't affect the bloodtype
> of the child (atleast as I know).
> It's this DNA structure which is counted to be 1% which it's really isn't but
> when rounded up it will visual that you inherit more from your mother than
> from your father. Oh, then we have the X and Y cromosems which are belived to
> give the gender, those two aren't of the same length, which is belived why
> males do get some defects much easier than females. But I don't have any
> imagenation how large the difference is, but I guess it's quite little
> compared to the total length of the gens.
For those who are interested, this is close, but not quite accurate.if
anyone is interested in any of this genetics stuff, just drop me a line :)