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    Birthright Promotion


    How about a map with the coats of arms of the major ruling families of
    Anuire and the locations where they rule.


    On the back you could breifly describe each of these families...

    Come visit Bearcat's Birthright Homepage at:

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    Birthright Promotion

    I like the idea of having the map contain roads, trade routes, cities
    etc. How about including them, but (to avoid clutter and look
    clearer) skipping the province boundaries, just leaving in national
    You could then include 'pencil-on-parchment' (same style as the
    various bits in Blood Enemies 'n stuff) thumbnails of sites and
    people of interest - eg. the Battlewaite, the Raven, The Direwood, or
    coats of arms of ruling familes (neat tie-in there), etc.

    On the back you then have B&W versions of the thumbnails, with
    snippets of background, story and stuff about each of them. That way
    you get a decent (if bereft of provinces) map with lots of funky
    background info.

    My 2GBs.

    "Once I was a lamb, playing in a green field. Then
    the wolves came. Now I am an eagle and I fly in a
    different universe."
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    "No, priest. No one pays for lambs."
    - David Gemmel, Waylander

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    Birthright Promotion

    OK time for my informed opinion. :)

    B&W Map - has to be the Cerilia wide Domain Tracking Map.

    Color map - not as clear cut an answer here but a map of Cerilia,
    all of Aduria, and all of Thale seems to be the best answer so far.
    At 1"=100 miles scale would that other continent (Djapar ?) appear
    or would the scale half to be dropped ?

    Re: Heraldy. This idea reminds me of much of the poster sized art in
    the Planescape Boxed Sets. Very pretty but not useful gaming material.
    Of course YMMV

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    Jaime T. Matthew

    Birthright Promotion

    > We're doing a promo poster that will be available (for free) to people who
    > buy the BR REVISED EDITION and, perhaps, other BR fans as well. I'm not
    > sure on the distribution, here--but let's let that slide for now. What I'm
    > asking is, what would you like to see on the poster, with the following
    > constraints:

    A Map, huh? Sounds like shades of a discussion we had a little while

    I liked the idea of the Birthright Conspectus, and it seems that this
    is what you are trying to expand upon....

    What I'd like to see on a Map of Cerilia is detail, detail, detail.

    Given the size constraints you've mentioned, I'd still like to see
    major towns and cities, ley lines, magical sources, ROADS, geographic
    anomalies, etc. If you want the map to be useful for something other
    than Empire planning, these are some of the things which as a GM I
    have been looking for....

    Now, a Clean B&W Map of Cerilia on the other side would be ideal for
    alliance charting, empire mapping, etc. Just the outline of the
    continent and the current domains.... No text.

    At least these are the things that I could use. YMMV.

    __________________________________________________ ____
    Jaime T. Matthew

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    Birthright Promotion

    The old promo poster with the map and awnshegh was cool, but so would a full
    color print of the Raven.

    Hmmmm. For lack of imagination today (I'm writing technical reports for the
    Wisconsin PSC), how about the map with the Sea zones and Land provinces
    integrated into one. This would be particularly useful in the Great Bay.
    Useful, but perhaps a bit cluttered for a poster.

    How 'bout an expanded view, with more of Anduria, Djapar etc? Hmmm, might
    be too much water and too little land.

    Little cardboard counters with heraldry on them to move around on the map.
    This would sure be handy during war moves.

    Option 4: Really the best idea yet. The map with the heraldry of various
    countries in that nation tied to a key on the back. Family names, maybe an
    adventure hook or two tied with that noble lineage. A sort of mini Morweit's
    Peerage of each (or a few select important) countries.


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    Birthright Promotion

    At 01:48 PM 2/5/98 -0800, Ed Stark(
    >We are NOT married to this idea (we're not even engaged). Let me know what
    >you'd like. If no one minds, I'd like to post the responses to the mailing
    >list (rather than simply replying to me directly), so they can be
    >discussed. If it takes up too much space, though, I'll understand if we
    >make it more of a private chat.
    >Please respond with the subject line: Birthright Promotion (or simply hit
    >"Reply"). Thanks again.

    By all means please Post your ideas to the List. I like to think of this
    forum as a place to discuss *all* things BR, and this subject is definitely
    on-topic. So fire away.

    BTW, I myself will be contributing to this thread...once I've given it some

    Sepsis, (ICQ:3777956)

    "War is a matter of vital importance to the State;
    the province of life or death;
    the road to survival or ruin.
    It is mandatory that it be thoroughly studied."
    -Sun Tzu,(The Art of War)-

    BR Netbook:

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    Glenn Robb

    Birthright Promotion

    Ed Stark wrote:

    > *It's going to be the same size as the Cerilia map from the BR boxed set.

    How about a map of Cerilia showing all the major family's coat of arms? Now
    that would be certainly unusual. Coat of Arms could include:
    Rhoubhe's, the Gorgon's, Anuire's National Coat of Arms, Brectur's Coat of
    Arms, etc. And you get the idea.

    — Elton Robb

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    Birthright Promotion

    On Thu, 5 Feb 1998, Bearcat wrote:

    > Color-
    > How about a map with the coats of arms of the major ruling families of
    > Anuire and the locations where they rule.
    Great idea!
    To expand this how about the coats of the original tribes of Anuire.
    They supposedly was listed in a promotional item once at a convention.
    > B&W-
    > On the back you could breifly describe each of these families...
    Talk about these tribes. Some of these are fairly devoid of power and
    scattered......did they leave behind any treasures i.e. the prince of one
    families +3 sword lost when he battled (insert monster) in the five peaks


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    Birthright Promotion

    Here's yet another idea.

    A map of all of Cerilia, but rather than the standard paper map you've
    been putting out, make it a laminated one capable of being written on by
    overhead pens, or grease pencils.

    And leave the terrain stuff out of it so that we can write useful stuff
    on it as needed.


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    Birthright Promotion

    Ok, well, my first thought was a nude of Justina the Bansheigh, but as
    you pointed out, such would not be overly useful.

    Barring that, I would ask, will there be a map of Cerilia and/or Anuire
    published with the new book? If not, then that is what it HAS to be,
    otherwise how will new players know where everything is?

    If you are talking about making this in addition to a map of Cerilia,
    then I would say give us a map of Aduria with nations and provinces. We
    have enough genius online to fill in the rest ourselves, but a map of
    Aduria that we can all agree on would be great.


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