> Here's a question for you. Say a Rjurik (+1 Con, -1 Cha) married a
> Brecht (+1 Dex, -1 Wis), what would the kids' ability score modifiers
> be? I ask because from reading various accessories, I know there are
> cross-breeds out there (such as the Vos/Khinasi mentioned in Tribes).

Interesting question. Let's look at the possibilities
1. no adjustments
2. both adjustments
3. one parent's adjustments

1. This is always an acceptable solution. I'd prefer this solution if
I was of the opinion the attribute modifiers are inbred in a race.

2. This is a bit overboard, and too much modification for a halfbreed.

3. Here you are left with different possibilities again. You could
simply make an executive decision to give the child the adjustments
(and hence the race) of the parent with the higher bloodline. Or you
could chose to make a random roll to decide which blood runs stronger
on a d6 (1-2 the character resembles his mother, 3-4 mixed heritage,
no adjustments, 5-6 character resembles his father).
Another possible solution (the one I'd prefer) is that at least part
of the adjustments is dependant on culture and upbringing. So if the
child was raised in Rjurik lands and was tought Rjurik ways of life,
I'd consider him a Rjurik for gaming purposes.

just my 2GB

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