> Not that I blame the designers. They had to make a game roleplayers
> would buy. [...] Maybe the wonderful designers will see this and go to
> work on a nice involved combat system for us wargamer and historical types.

A little more thought, another note.

*We* are the game designers, the people at TSR/WOC are consultants for
our campaigns. I like hearing Ed and the others saying they left
such-and-such up to us. Who knows my campaign better than I do? Still,
designing a world from the ground up is such a daunting task, I have seen
numerous gamers fail. Mostly for lack of time, sometimes dedication. In
the Foreword (found in the Atlas of Cerilia) Rich Baker reveals that BR is
the product of a 225,000 word novel he wrote after college. After
considerable developemnt by a crack team, we have been given this well
developed world.

But, thet're just the architects, not the builders. Each DM on his own
must craft a world on his own. The BR material is a necessary plan, or
overview, but it is not the game. The game exists in the minds of the DM
and players, which is why even the best material can be unsatisfying with
the wrong people. TSR/WOC is a think tank for producing ideas, which we
DM's adapt to our campaign. These aren't rules, they're a bare-bones
outline. They're ideas. They're material to be integrated into the our
own worlds.

We are the game designers, they are paid consultants.

Kenneth Gauck