My solution is they have children, but don't get along well enough to form
a relationship like the other "married" gods.

Denikin: Skull
Lord of Death
King of the Shadow
Master of Ill Fate
Cold Rider (?)
Son of Belinik and Kriesha

AL: Neutral Evil, with tendancies toward True Neutral
Worshipers: few
Area of Control: Death, Decay, the Shadow world

Priestly requirements:
WIS: 9
Alignment: any (death) any evil (shadow)
Weapons: battle axe, short sword, dagger, knife
Armor: None
Major Spheres: All, Charm, Divination, Necromantic, Necromancy (from
the mage school)
Minor Spheres: Healing (reversed only), Animal
3rd level- Inspire Fear
5th level- Summon Spirit
9th level- Summon Undead 1/month
Power over Undead: command
HD 8

There are two aspects of Denikin, Death and the Shadow.

Makhno (Mae'cinor): Three crossbow bolts
Bringer of Plague
Sickness and Disease
Daughter of Belinik and Kriesha

AL: Chaotic Evil
Worshipers: CE, NE, CN
Area of Control: Disease, Sickness, Plague, Illness of all kinds

The daughter of Belinik and Kriesha appeared in the years after Deismaar.
She is a cold demi-goddess of sickness and withered life. She has
contempt of life, but seeks to corrupt it with disease as often as
destroying it with plague. She is most certainly malicious and posseses a
cruel sense of irony, striking a great warrior with polio to wither his
sword arm, or striking a great wizard with a mental debilitation which
leaves them forgetful and unable to remember spells or conduct research.
Makhno does not take physical form very often, but can appear as a
dark mist, or fog. She avoids combat, usually striking her enemies down
with violent, and acute illness. She can appear as an old crone, or a
winged skeleton covered with thin fur. She is on good terms with her
parents and brother, Denikin, as well as moderatly good term with Elyal
(Elole). She is very hostile to Ayairda (Laerme) and Nesirie. As she
preys upon armies both in the field and in garrison, she is disliked by
Haelyn and Cuiracen.
Those suffering might attempt to placate her with gifts.

Priestly requirements:
WIS: 9
CON: 15
Alignment: any non-good
Weapons: any non-bladed weapon, bows are prefered, esp. crossbow
Armor: any non-metal
Major Access: All, Healing (reversed only), Necromantic, Animal,
Summoning, Protection (reversed only)
Minor- Combat, Divination, Weather

1st level- Immunity to all diseases
5th level- Laying on of hands of pain (reverse of Paladin's ability)
9th Level- Scabrous Touch (Necromancers Guide)
No Turning, No Control
HD 8

Kenneth Gauck