Chapter 6 of C&T (Critical Hits ) is really good.I dont really like S&P:
IMHO the new stuff ( which represents a small part of the book if you
exclude the info from The CBof Humanoids,CPsionicsHb,and all the abreviated
kits from several sources) is quite poor .I can┬┤t really talk about S&P
(though i┬┤ve seen it once (NOT JOKING) and liked a lot what I saw).God
knows how hard it is to find RPG stuff back here in Portugal (IT`S THE
Thats my 2 escudos.

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> From: Neil Barnes
> To: birthright@MPGN.COM
> Subject: Re: [BIRTHRIGHT] - S&P
> Date: quarta-feira, 4 de fevereiro de 1998 15:43
> On Tue, 3 Feb 1998, KAI BESTE wrote:
> > Thanks to you all.
> > Your input has been very helpful in deciding on my new campaign.
> > Almost everybody seems to be in favour of S&P (I had expected mixed
> > feelings).
> I suspect that those of us who don't like S&P didn't bother to comment
> (I've found that good players don't need the rules to add flavour to
> PCs, and that having rules like that just encourages munchkin behaviour
> - YMMV, obviously).
> I will recommend Spells & Magic (for my money the best of the three
> books) - and ask how/ if people have used it with BR?
> neil
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