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> Depends on whether you consider the racial modifiers inborn, or learned.
> If they are a function of culture, then in which culture is the child
> raised?
> BTW you could never go wrong by going with strait stats in such a case.

If you consider the modifiers to be genetic in nature, then the correct
response will be to have the offspring with no modifiers. Most genetic
traits with such large effects are due to multiple gene combinations
acting together, and mixing reproduction outside the locally adapted group
leads to a break-down of those gene combinations. The result would be
offspring much closer to the "normal" (mean or average) type. Now in this
world it's pretty hard to understand exactly what "average" is for the
population of humans, but we know EXACTLY what it is for AD&D characters
(i.e. no modifiers). On the otherhand, if its a function of culture, as
Ken pointed out, it would depend upon which culture the offspring were
raised in.

Mark VanderMeulen
(trying to use my biology degree for something.)