> Here's a question for you. Say a Rjurik (+1 Con, -1 Cha) married a
> Brecht (+1 Dex, -1 Wis), what would the kids' ability score modifiers
> be? I ask because from reading various accessories, I know there are
> cross-breeds out there (such as the Vos/Khinasi mentioned in Tribes).
Ok, I see several possibilities:

1) Folks of mixed backround are as "normal" humans (I.E. no ability score
modies); this is the easiest, but most boring, way of handling this.

2) Assume they "take after" one parent; I.E. a Rjurik/Brecht raised in
Rjurik lands should probably recieve the Rjurik stat modifiers. But what
about, say, a Khinasi/Brecht raised in Vosgaard? Either 1) let the player
pick which modies to apply, or flip a coin.

3) wierd mixtures; I.E. one modie from column A, one from column B. The
hardest to figure out & police (I.E. one could let the player decide, or
one could flip a coin, or one could develop a huge chart listing the
outcomes of all the 36 flavors or whatever).

Anyhow, good luck.