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    BirthRight Rules (Please Answer

    >Crash Override wrote:
    >HiYa All People!
    >Explain me The Bases
    Explain to me the basics
    >What's a Regent PC?
    Ruler of a territory or military force or network of temples or money
    making trade guilds or wizard with control of sources of magic or a
    combination of those.
    >What's a Blooded PC?
    Someone who was born into a family that descends from those heroes who
    were at the battle of Mt. Deismar where the god Azrai was defeated by the
    other former gods.
    >What's a Blood Line?
    The strain of power carried from generation to generation from each
    individual old god. I suggest you pull out your English/Italian
    dictionary and learn about it slowly by reading the books, because it's
    not easy to explain in a simple e-mail.
    >Who is brenna?
    One of the old god(desses)
    >How To Use The Battle Sistem (earth and Naval)
    Again, careful translation will be necessary as this is complex to explain.

    >and Lots More
    >Excuse me, but without any help, i have wasted Money!
    >I'm Italian and i haven't understood because My english SUX!
    You can manage to write this e-mail and not understand what the books say?
    With all due respect, if you have the confidence to purchase that many
    books in English, I think you can take the time to learn what's in them.
    Your questions are broad and some would take a lot of tutoring (which few
    people I know have the time for).
    I think god has a good rule here:
    he "helps those who help themselves"
    Who'd a known I could get religious? :)

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    Ed Stark

    BirthRight Rules (Please Answer

    At 12:26 PM 2/3/98 +0100, you wrote:
    >Crash Override wrote:

    >What's a Regent PC?

    A regent is a blooded character who maintains control of a domain--either a
    law holding (like a sheriff), a guild (a merchant prince), a temple (a
    priest lord), a source (a mighty wizard), or a realm (a king/baron). The
    regent may control multiple domains, but the important thing is that he has
    a bloodline and the control of at least one domain.

    >What's a Blooded PC?
    >What's a Blood Line?

    A blooded PC is a character with a bloodline. The bloodlines come from the
    old gods who sacrificed themselves at the Battle of Mount Deismaar. They
    passed on their power and their connection to the land of Cerilia to their
    followers in the form of magical bloodlines. A character with a bloodline
    is either a regent (above) or a scion. A scion is a blooded character
    without the rulership of a domain. Bloodlines not only "attach" PCs to the
    land, they confer special powers upon most of those who possess them--blood

    >Who is brenna?

    Brenna was a god who died at the Battle of the Mount Deismaar. One of the
    bloodlines bears Brenna's name.

    >How To Use The Battle Sistem (earth and Naval)

    Sorry. You'll have to muddle through the rules, here--that's too involved a
    question for this board. Thankfully, the battle system is not necessary for
    most BIRTHRIGHT adventures. Basically, the cards in your basic and campaign
    sets are military units with ratings explained in the text. By moving them
    along the battlefield, you can play out important battles, but you'll
    really have to struggle through the rules to gain any understanding at all.

    >Excuse me, but without any help, i have wasted Money!

    I hope you can get the help you need on this board, because I think you'll
    enjoy BIRTHRIGHT if you can understand it. Keep trying, and don't worry
    about getting everything right the first time. Start slowly, with
    adventures and the background information. If you're having a hard time
    understanding a rule, try to come up with your own solution. Chances are,
    you'll be pretty close to the WAY the rule is supposed to work, and that's
    the important thing.

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    Ed Stark
    Game Designer, Wizards of the Coast/TSR Division
    Asst. Brand Manager, BIRTHRIGHT/GREYHAWK/MARVEL Group
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