The question to ask is not "what would the kids' ability score modifiers
be", but, rather, which set would you prefer? Unless you've spent HOURS by
candle-light, looking for the grounds upon which to base YOUR answer to
this question (just to make it a game-breaker), I would suggest you
research the bloodlines of the affected individuals. As always ( in
Birthright), the bloodline with the HIGHER bloodline score gets to pass its
lineage on to its progeny. If you, yourself, dont know the exact lineages
of your NPCs, then SHAME ON YOU, for having let them come into play in a
Birthright campaign.
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> Subject: [BIRTHRIGHT] - The Birds & the Bees
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> Here's a question for you. Say a Rjurik (+1 Con, -1 Cha) married a
> Brecht (+1 Dex, -1 Wis), what would the kids' ability score modifiers
> be? I ask because from reading various accessories, I know there are
> cross-breeds out there (such as the Vos/Khinasi mentioned in Tribes).
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