Hey all,

I have been reading all of this online city stuff and getting a good
chuckle out of everyone's comments :) I think the online city is a
great idea and could be beneficial to everyone. However, I have to
agree with Mr. Alistair that a special mailing list is probably the best
way for all of us who are not partaking in the project for whatever
reason. I also have to admit the a message board or chat program is
probably better for those working on the project because they are
working in tandem. Maybe for all of those people working on the
Imperial City or Ilien or whatever will keep us all advised of their
project. Better yet, since Darkstar has offered the use of the NetBook,
maybe that would be the best place to read about the project instead of
opening a new mailing list. Questions and suggestions about the
project, as always, should be placed on this mailing list. I think if
we opened a secondary list it would be similar to the break up of the
Imperial Temple of Haelyn. Maybe not that bad :)

Anyway, this is just IMHO.

Sir Spud I