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- ->most had gone way over the limit( 40CP more then the limit ). So I made a
- ->over the CP cost for each priest and each paladin so that some priests and
- ->paladins would have to select several hindrances.
- ->Anyway I was wondering if anyone else has done this and who it works.

All/Most of the specialty priests can't be created with the normal S&P/S&M
rules and I think that in "Faiths and Avatars" they wrote that specialty
priests aren't something "custom made", they are as they are.
You could keep the costs for everything as it is, but add a "new" disadvantige
which can be taken,

Use Specialty Priest XP Table (20/30)

Instead of using the normal Priest XP table the character will use the
Speciality Priest/Druid XP table and be classed as a Specalty Priest. There is
two wersions, one for the S&P rules only, then it gives 20 extra character
points, and the one for S&P/S&M rules which gives 30 extra characterpoints.

The reason why it gives different amount of points depending of which rules
used is that the S&P-only priests are already so powerful that those custom
made characters should already be classed as Specialty Priests.

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