On Fri, 30 Jan 1998, Trizt wrote:
> If you read about the gods in the rulebook, you will notice that there are 3
> families amongst them and two who are single. IMo the marriges amongst the
> gods came for they wanted to have a more loyal friend which can support while
> someone threats you.

Or maybe it's just a normal human reaction to seek companionship from
others who can empathise with you when you've been thrust into an
unfamiliar situation.

> Even if the two are evil, they should have seen the
> advantiges to have a wife/husband who could help if needed and get offspring
> which has the godly power from the begining which can do the durty work for
> them, but nope. The only good explanation (IMO) is that atleast one of them is
> "gay" or it's the same person.

Or they just don't get on. Maybe Kriesha doesn't want to have to go
through a divine pregnancy - which could take years. Maybe they don't
want the competition. Maybe they've already had a kid...

There are lots of possible reasons. We don't even know if they're
shagging. It's entirely possible (but a bit stereotypical) that Kriesha
is frigid. We're dealing with divinne entities that think like people.
And people are complicated.