>...I made a list of the class abilities of the Priests and Paladins to
see who many points
that where used. The result was that a few had points left( 5-20 CP ) while
had gone way over the limit...<

of the baseline character classes, only straight fighters have 5 points
left over, the others use all their class points for their base abilities.
If you are talking about the specialty Priests and Paladins fron the
Bithright rules, then some go over and some go way under. Some can not be
proeperly done using this method at all. i.e. Priests of Ruornil. How much
does casting ability of a mage 1/2 the priests level actually cost? The
solution, IMO, is a sthe books state, that a character class froma listed
source uses up all the points and to add new abilities means the priest
needs to take disadvantages. For those whose class would cost more than the
base points, they are getting a bonus from the Power they serve (lucky