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> > I'm starting a new campaign and I thought about including the PO
> > rules. Now, does the combination of blood abilities and S&P make
> > characters too powerful?
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> I use S&P extensively, but I really don't like C&T with the exception of a
> few parts (the dueling plot, if you understand it, is GREAT for Blood
> Challenges).
> S&P can create phenomenal game busting characters, and it creates allot
> more work for the DM. To keep balance, the DM must also use this system
> when creating major NPCs as well. (and if they make super combat
> monsters... make super combat monster NPCs to kill them... life and
> politics are hard )
> A few suggestions:
> * No racial options (except humans - 10 pts). Just use the races from the
> rulebook.
> * Allow class modifications, within reason. Apply all class restrictions,
> don't allow them to be "bought off".
> * Enforce what the book says. 18 is the limit unless you've got a stat
> mod. It's there in black and white, its pretty simple, but I used to hear
> lots of complaints like "but all the fighters now have 20 in muscle!"
> * Enforce the max limit of 15 points for disadvantages. I had one player
> try and pass off a guy with 45 (!) points of disadvantages. Also, USE the
> disadvantages players choose AT EVERY POSSIBLE OPPORTUNITY. I had a rogue
> choose Phobia: Water (severe) and think nothing of it. So I made it the
> rainy season.
> * Make a list of all your PCs Traits and Disadvantages and keep it handy.
> Do it with Blood Powers too.
> Tim Nutting
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