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Thread: Mace of Aldrud

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    Mace of Aldrud

    Please understand that this is not in any way meant as an insult or flame,
    but I believe that you are putting out your magical items on a quantity vs.
    quality basis. Many of your item creators are not of a sufficiently high
    level to make magical items, and would be hard put to come up with the
    resources to produce such powerful weapons. Also, the powers of these items
    have become so repetitive that they each lose their uniqueness. It almost
    appears as if you assign powers by rolling on some sort of table ("hmmm... a
    three. That means that anyone hit by the weapon suffers "x" :) Once again I
    do not mean this as a flame. I just think that before putting something as
    powerful as a magical item into a campaign one has to think really carefully
    about whether or not the game will become unbalanced. And remember, every
    item is a masterpiece reflecting the style of the creator. If they are all
    the same then what's the point?

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    Mace of Aldrud

    Here's another weapon of interest. Comments welcome.

    Mace of Aldrud

    This mace was created quite recently by a rogue Rjurik mage in the province of
    Aldrud in Hogunmark with the help of a priestess of Lara. The mace has a grip
    made of granite, a shaft of sandstone, and a head of quartz. It has the
    following enchantments: First, it has the ability to put a person to Sleep.
    Secondly, it can (once a day) Cure Serious Wounds or Slow Poison. Finally, the
    shaft can be used as a Wand of Magic Missiles. Currently, the mace is in the
    hands of Jannika Tjarlhan (FRj; Pr3, Lara; Vo, major 23; NG). She is in the
    company of her brother Thor, both of whom are looking for adventure in the
    Imperial City.

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