Here's another magical crossbow. Hopefully, whoever's idea it was for the
Heralds won't be too pissed. Comments welcome.

Herald's Crossbow

This heavy crossbow was created at the behest of one of the leaders of the
Imperial Heralds, Liémen Piérden over two hundred years ago. The crossbow has
a stock of cherry wood and a bow of electrum. When used with normal bolts, the
crossbow has a bonus of +1. However, if the crossbow is cocked without a bolt,
a bolt of platinum with a gold tip appears. These bolts have the power, when
they strike a target, to polymorph them into a small, harmless animal, such as
a garter snake. The item currently has 23 charges, and can be recharged by
having a wizard cast Polymorph Other into the crossbow. This item is currently
in the ownership of the leader of the Imperial Heralds.