Here's an interesting magical item I thought up. Comments welcome.


Azusena is a sentient trident that was created by the defenders of Basaïam. It
failed at its major purpose, the defence of the city, when the Lamia arrived
and charmed the populace into submission. The trident has a shaft of obsidian
with barbed, electrum tips. At the intersection of the three prongs, there is
an embedded 1000gp ruby. Azusena has the following enchantments: First, it is
completely resistant to heat and cold. Secondly, once per day, it gives the
wielder the ability to jump. Third, once per night, it can be used to Light
the way. Fourth, it can grant the wielder Stoneskin, as if cast by a 10th
level mage. Fifith, the ruby can be used as a Magical Jar. Sixth, it protects
the wielder from any being of Chaotic Evil alignment. Seventh, Azusena can
communicate by telepathy. Finally, if a being of Chaotic Evil alignment tries
to pick up Azusena, they lose a point of Strength (50% exceptional)
permanently and are compelled to put it down. These points are added to
Azusena's intelligence. Currently, it is at 16. Azusena is of Chaotic Good
alignment. Azusena was last seen in the area of western Binsada.