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Sickle of Dimas

There are ten of these wicked items floating around the Northern Marches. They
were created by Dimas Ivanov (MV; Pr9, Belinik; Az, major 36; CE), Head of the
temple of the Vos of the Five Peaks to sow disorder throughout Anuire. The
shafts are made of copper, and the blades of electrum. The sickles have the
ability to Cause Disease and Animate Dead. Their major function, however is a
Curse of Opposite Alignment. These items have been covertly inserted into the
domains of Cariele, Shoesone, Mhoried, and Tuornen. Two are still within the
Five Peaks, awaiting the proper time to insert them into Talinie. Dimas
himself is so black-hearted that it is said that he is beginning to grow wings
and his skin is becoming stony like a gargoyle's.