Here's another in the long line of magical items created by me... Comments

Borg's Quarterstaff of Sleep

This magical staff was created by the Rjurik wizard Borg Anderson (MRj; W12;
Re, minor 20; CN), so as to avoid as many fights as possible. The staff is
made of cherry wood with an etching of a flower in it. The staff is enchanted
to cast slepp on whomever it touches. The one drawback is everytime you use
it, you must make a Charisma check, or lose a point of Charisma permanently.
Never having been a handsome man, Borg is now one of the ugliest beings on
Cerilia. It is said he could even make goblins run away in terror! Currently,
Borg is living in the province of Bjorlangen, trying to live out his days in