Here are three more items I thought up. Comments welcome.

Short Sword of Dispelling

This sword is an odd conglomerate of materials & enchantments. It was created
by dwarven smiths and elven wizards to combat the incursion of the humanoids
and the wizards of Azrai. The pommel is made of mithril with square etchings.
The hilt is made of the bones of an orog. The blade is made of electrum with a
carving of a nymph. The sword has the following powers: First, any being of
Chaotic Evil alignment who tries to pick up the sword takes 1d3 points of
permanent damage, and is compeeled to put it down. Secondly, when wielded the
sword causes the wielder to be protected from Chaotic Evil beings. Third, when
the sword comes in contact with a magical barrier, or spell in effect, it
dispels as a 20th level mage. Finally, there is one drawback: the sword has a
curse of monster attraction. In otherwords, a party with this weapon always
has an encounter. The flip side is any monster who possesses the sword
attracts adventurers to them.

Bard's Sickle

Contrary to the name this is not the sickle of a bard, but of the Rjurik half-
elf Bard Olaffson (½E F/W 12/12; Re, minor 10; CE). He created this sickle out
of oak and maple wood, & placed a 5000gp black sapphire in the center of the
stock. It has the following enchantments: First, it is resistant to heat.
Secondly, it has the power to Animate Dead. Thirdly, the stock can be used as
a Wand of Fireballs. The sickle can also be used normally. Finally, the gem is
the material component for a Magic Jar spell. However, when Bard used this
function for the first time, he became trapped when his body was destroyed by
a fhomorien. He has since gone insane, and afflicts anyone who wields the
sickle with the same insanity. He then tries to occupy their body. So far, he
has been unsuccessful. The sickle was last seen in the moors of Dhoesone.

Hand Axe of Wounding

There are two of these fierce weapons in Cerilia. They were a joint venture by
Selenie (MA, Pr6, Belinik; Az, minor 12; NE), Head of the temple of Vos of
Mieres and Markov Robotov (MV; Pr11, Belinik; Az, major 27; CE), Head of the
One True Church of Vosgaard. They are currently wielded by both these me and
could be deadly in combat. The grips and shafts are made from the bones of
wictims of torture, covered with a wool wrap, made form black sheep. The
blades of these two-headed axes are made of granite, with a carving of a human
in them. They have the following enchantments. Depending on which side strikes
the target, they either will Cause Light Wounds or Cause Serious Wounds. Both
blades also cast Poison into the wound. Target gets a save vs. PPDM. If
failed, victim is incapacitated and will die in one turn, without help.