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Thread: Language Mania

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    Language Mania

    >JLAIL said :

    >There was no Dark Ages in Cerilia comparable to what happened on
    >Earth, not even close. What was described in the Atlas of Cerilia
    >was a period of 70 years of head-hunting followed by a Cold War.
    >The advent of French, Italian, Spanish, & others required Geographic
    >and Cultural isolation (no travel/trade) that isn't applicable
    >here, (IMO).

    >BearCat Replied:

    >Don't you think that a five century Cold War would foster some isolation?

    JLAIL respondes;

    No. Trade by itself should stop that. Remember that Latin was predominant
    or at least a strong second language over an area LARGER than all of
    Cerilia. We are talking about much smaller areas here for each of the
    five (5) surviving tribes and their languages. But Dialects are another

    One possible test would the written language; if you remove all of the
    slang words and its understandable by all of the different dialects
    then you don't have a separate language. But what we really need is a
    Linguistics expert which I am not.


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    Language Mania

    On Sat, 31 Jan 1998, James Donald Lail wrote:

    > But what we really need is a Linguistics expert...

    There is a truism in linquistics that the only difference between a
    dialect and a language is an army.

    Kenneth Gauck

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