Here's another interesting item, I created today:

Battle Axe of Polymorphing

This item is a battle axe of good quality (+1) with a few interesting quarks.
First, the grip is made with the backbones of a savannah lion, with a slate
shaft, & a gold blade which has an etching of a house in it. Second, it never
gets cold to the touch, even in the worst blizzards. Third, the blade glows
with enough light to light up any room. Fourth, on a natural 20, whomever the
axe strikes is polymorphed into a small rodent. However, 5% of the time, the
ability malfunctions, causing the person struck to become an ogre, giant, or
something worse. Once, it even caused a half-elf to be changed into a young
dragon. Finally, as time goes by, the wielder begins to suffer from memory
loss. Currently, the axe is in the ownership of Quarra Darochinn (½E F/T 1/1;
An, Tainted 2), who has yet to suffer from the curse.