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Thread: Spear of Curing

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    Spear of Curing

    Here's a magical item I created:

    Spear of Curing

    These items were created by each of the major temples of Haelyn on the face of
    Cerilia. There are ten known spears & one of legend. Each spear is made of
    either the thigh bone or from the tusks of a mammoth, and has a blunt, shale
    head. Each, upon striking an individual, heals that person as if he had Cure
    Light Wounds cast upon him. Each of the spears, from the oldest, in the care
    of the Orthodox Temple of Haelyn, to the youngest, in the care of the temple
    of Haelyn's Warriors, is only brought out in times of great conflict, such as
    the Rohrmarch Civil War. The tenth known spear was lost over a century ago,
    when an order of paladins, operating under the auspices of the temple of
    Haelyn's Bastion of Truth disappeared somewhere within the Giantdowns.
    The legendary spear was said to have had the power to cast Cure Light Wounds,
    Cure Serious Wounds, Cure Critical Wounds, or Heal, according to the needs of
    whomever the spear touched. This spear, created in 40 HC, was the original,
    and was lost at the Battle of Kings, and is now believed to be only a myth.
    Whichever temple of Haelyn in Anuire, that finds it, shall gain much power
    over all the others.

    Comments welcome...

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    Spear of Curing

    In a message dated 98-01-30 20:00:09 EST, you write:


    This is a nice item...and usable in my own campaign, part of which is taking
    place in the giantdowns. I also have a NPC Thane of Talinie who is vying for
    power over the other churches of Haelyn, so this might come in handy for him,
    if he can just get some PCs to help him find it.....

    I have one question: is the Spear of Curing usable as a weapon in any way?
    It seems not from your description, but then why a spear? Just curious, not
    meaning to be critical. A temple of Haelyn is likely to have a weapon which
    cures, its just anachronistic enough....but the weapon would probably be able
    to do some damage to, eh? (Smite thine enemies, heal thine allies...that
    sorta thing.)

    Kevin M.

    "The early bird may get the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese."

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    Spear of Curing

    In a message dated 98-01-30 22:01:19 EST, you write:


    Sorry, the spear is not usable as a weapon. I intended it as a long range
    healing carrier (Maybe I should have used an arrow... No, wait I think TSR
    created those in the FR.) And maybe I should have them hit you with one side
    for normal damage, and the other to heal...

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    Spear of Curing

    On Fri, 30 Jan 1998 wrote:

    > Here's a magical item I created: Spear of Curing

    Strange, I also placed a lost/hidden spear in the Giantdowns. A minor
    artifact called the Spear of Andvarnulf.

    Created by the High Priest of Khurin-Azur when the Gorgon was still
    expanding his Crownland, it's main power was to grant the blood power
    "battlewise" to its holder. With it, the dwarves were able to hold on to
    Anathar (now a part of the Gorgon's Crown) for much longer than the Gorgon
    would have liked. Taking the province was too dear and he resolved not to
    fight the dwarves of Khurin-Azur again until he had taken or destroyed the
    Great Spear. The Gorgon sent thieves, assasins, attempted possesions,
    summonings, and various magics. The High Priest of Beronarr (one of the
    most omen friendly gods in the D pantheon) was able to use divine
    assistance (auguary, commune, and other such spells) to anticipate the
    Gorgon and protect the Spear. As such today it is said to have the
    following powers.

    Pass w/out a trace upon uttering "Zohra"
    Exorcism 1 per mounth upon uttering "Zahra"
    Grants the power "battlewise" to its holder
    Granths the holder protecttion from possesion
    it containes three knight Sielshesheln (red rubies)
    claiming the spear illigitimatly (eg. theft) deals the false claimant 10d4
    pts of electrical damage.

    You see most of the enchantments were designed to keep the thing safe once
    the Gorgon was angered. The dwarves eventually decieded to hide the thing
    where the Gorgon wouldn't find it. Thus the original dwarves who
    journeyed out to the Giant Downs were monastics (Temple Guards) intent on
    hiding the Spear.

    One of the PC's in my campaign is a Rjurik priest of Kirken. He was too
    militant to be a druid, and was kicked out of his circle while still an
    acolyte. Confused by Holn's place in the pantheon on the one hand and his
    place in Rjurik society on the other, he pusued a study of Holn
    and then drifted toward Kirken. Commited to fighting the humanoids, he
    learned the ways of Kirken and returned to his community. There he got
    the young men (those pesky late teen early twenties) into a state which
    upset the druids and they politly, but firmly asked him to go away for
    ever. Thus, my explanation of why I had a 1st level Rjurik show up in
    Baruk-Azhik (on his way to Osoerde to offer his sword to his father the
    duke of Osoerde, only to find out -horror of horrors- he had been executed
    by Jaison Raemech, and his half-brother William was in hiding). The Spear
    is a campaign hook to bring things back into Rjurik country for a few game

    Kenneth Gauck

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    Robert Harper

    Spear of Curing

    At 09:33 PM 1/31/98 -0600, you wrote:
    >On Fri, 30 Jan 1998 wrote:
    >> Here's a magical item I created: Spear of Curing

    I find the notions of a Spear of Curing odd. Assuming any symbolic value,
    or the magical laws of symmetry, contagion etc. being applied, a weapon that
    cures is more suitable as a cursed item than a potent magical item.

    A Grail of Curing, Staff of Curing, Mantle of Curing sure.

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