If abused, Skills and Powers can allow you to create ridiculously powerful
characters. In our BR campaign I allowed the use of S&P but didn't supervise
the guys too closely. They spent a week creating their characters and
literally went over every permutation possible the allow them the most
powerful character. Maximising their points, getting abilities at later
levels and so on.

I won't make that mistake a second time. I have since forced them to abandon
those characters and we are about to start again with some much stricter
guidelines in place. I don't like being heavy handed, but I've found in my
experience that really powerful characters ultimately make for a boring
game. The challenge just isn't there.

I would say use it but exercise great caution.


> Hi all
> I'm starting a new campaign and I thought about including the PO
> rules. Now, does the combination of blood abilities and S&P make
> characters too powerful?
> Thoughts? Comments? First hand experience?