KAI BESTE wrote:

> Hi all
> I'm starting a new campaign and I thought about including the PO
> rules. Now, does the combination of blood abilities and S&P make
> characters too powerful?
> Thoughts? Comments? First hand experience?

My BR campaign that has been going for about 14 months uses the S&P
character creation, and it does not make the characters too powerful.
However, if they choose to be a demihuman, they take the abilities
listed as in the BR rulebook, and consider their race CPs having been
spent on this. Also, if they play a Priest they must consider their
class CPs having been spent on this. No one has complained as of yet.
It is not overbalancing or powerful. In fact, it makes for some
interesting and memorable characters. I recommend it.

Current players:
Slayven - Elf/Fighter-Mage
Devlyn - Elf/Mage-Thief
Dorien - Human/Priest of Eloele
Brunig - Human/Paladin of Cuiraecen
Shar - Human/Mage
Axis - Human/Druid