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- ->PS. Is there any explanation as to why both gods of magic, (Ruornil and
- ->Avani) are both good, with no counterparts in evil magic. I see magic as a
- ->neutral force rather than one aligned with the ethos of good.

Whent did they become good? Atleast in the rulebook it says Ruornil is true
neutral and his priest are neutral in some way and Avani is laful neutral and
all the priest are none chaotic. I have to agree they are in the grey zones to
become good. But if you like I has decided that Azrai never died at the battle
of Deismaar, but was so much weekned that he needed (and still needs) to
disguise him (as two gods, Kriesha and Belinik) so that the new gods wouldn't
kill him. Even if his two "avatars" don't have the portfolio of magic, he is
the one who supports the evil mages.

You may ask why Kriesha and Belinik would be the one and same, Azrai?
If you read about the gods in the rulebook, you will notice that there are 3
families amongst them and two who are single. IMo the marriges amongst the
gods came for they wanted to have a more loyal friend which can support while
someone threats you. Even if the two are evil, they should have seen the
advantiges to have a wife/husband who could help if needed and get offspring
which has the godly power from the begining which can do the durty work for
them, but nope. The only good explanation (IMO) is that atleast one of them is
"gay" or it's the same person. If they would be the same person, then there
wouldn't be any gain in marry yourself. Maybe there is an explanation in BoP,
I don't know as I don't yet have it.

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