On Thu, 29 Jan 1998 jonathan.w.ingram@exgate.tek.com wrote:
> Where do these levels come from? This man is working day in and day out
> to run an "empire"; how the heck will he find time to do spell research
> or practice a weapon?

Well, one city is hardly an empire. How much else does he administrate?

Presumably he casts a lot of magician spells keeping up with current

And as for the warrior levels, justy imagine the following scenario:

"Haha, Lord Chamberlin, I have caught you unarmed. Prepare to die!"


"Baldric, there's another one of Darian Avan's assasin's bleeding on the
carpet in here. Can you send someone to clean it up."

Essentially he gets his experience the same way other regents do. And
you know those rumours about him being immortal...