KAI BESTE wrote:

> Hi all
> I'm starting a new campaign and I thought about including the PO
> rules. Now, does the combination of blood abilities and S&P make
> characters too powerful?
> Thoughts? Comments? First hand experience?

I have to admit, I am an absolutely huge fan of the whole Player's Options
series (especially Spell and Magic. Wow!). I say go for it. I use the PO stuff
in all my campaigns (which includes a Birthright one) and I have no trouble
with it (actually my players just found out the other day that the critical hit
rules may not be all that fantastic when one of the characters had his shield
+2 broken :)). However, PO does give PC's a fair bit more power, IMO,
especially at the lower levels. If you do decide to use it, you should keep in
mind at all times exactly what the PC's are capable of doing and design
adventures/villains/ situations etc that exploit their weaknesses (which every
"powerful" PO character has). Don't do this too often, though, or else the
players might get a bit annoyed because their character's are never able to use
their cool abilities and powers. It takes a bit more work to keep adventures
challenging without overpowering the characters, but I say its well worth it!
(You can design some truly awesome villains that are perfectly suited to make
life as difficult as possible for the PCs' - but again not too often!)

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