Skills & Powers rules if unwisely used can result in very powerful
characters, however, I have used these rules since they came out and
although the PC's in my group ( I am the DM ) are fairly tough ( as in a
mountain dwarf with dense skin and 21 muscle ) there are only three
sometimes four PC's in my group with the occassional NPC, therefore I
have no problem with this.

Also, with every benefit, using these rules always imposes penalties,
either via up to a possible 100% xp penalty or a variety of class-based

All-in-all I find these rules useful and a good way to personalise and
individualise PC's and NPC's alike. Now, not every fighter, wizard, rogue
or cleric can be expected to be their old generic selves. A surprise can
always be out there waiting !

Sweet water and light laughter !

I hope this view is of help.


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> To: birthright@MPGN.COM
> Subject: [BIRTHRIGHT] - S&P
> Date: Thursday, 29 January 1998 22:40
> Hi all
> I'm starting a new campaign and I thought about including the PO
> rules. Now, does the combination of blood abilities and S&P make
> characters too powerful?
> Thoughts? Comments? First hand experience?
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