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hello, Adam Theo here,
woa! this idea has filled my inbox in just two days! congrats to this
topic! and my vote for the Online City:................
the Imperial City!
true, while it may get it's own official supplement in the future, i'll
see to it (my best anyway) that our work becomes the official
supplement!! getting big for my britches, huh? but Mr. Ed (giggle.
sorry, i've watched too much "Nick at Nite". nothing personal, right?),
and anyone else of the BR design team: "if you can share with us
'mailing list creators' any idaes that you fellows have of the Imperial
City that you were thinking of implementing into BR supplements one day,
pplease share them with us! so that we may create a potential 'official
product'. and if you could get the ideas of all the BR designers who
arn't on this list, please do! and as for a few things:
i agrre with Akash Kanojia on the topics of levels for classed NPCs, and
about magical items availability. and as for my own stick in this: a
3rd level thief (as said by someone) IMHO, should have a magical item
only sometimes. such as 3 for evey 5 3rd-5th level NPCs should have a
minor magical item. not everyone. IMCs, although just mmine, i have a
4th level regent theif (a guilder in Tournen), who just got a sword +1,
+2 vs magical creatures. and he's extatic about it.
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