> Now, does the combination of blood abilities and S&P make
> characters too powerful?
> Thoughts? Comments? First hand experience?

Yes, I can attest to this one. We were playing in a Ravenloft/Birthright
campaign where the DM basically used his Ravenloft campaign as the shadow
world to MY Birthright (Cerilia) campaign. (Really cool idea! He just
seperated the lands of Ravenloft like Darken (spelling ?), etc into
provinces, and then gave them prov. levels) I did not allow the use of S&P
book for my Cerilia characters, but he did...the result...His characters,
at the same level, are basically able to completely destroy my characters
in a standard AD&D, slightly low magic (and magical items) campaign. I
have never really been a fan of the S&P (seems to drag the combat and game
out a little), but, if you are able to keep the campaign challenging, then
by all means use them! I am not saying not to use them, I am just stating
that they appear to definetly throw a "normal" campaign a little out of

But, that is my two cents worth, anyone have change for a nickle?