OK, OK, OK ! This is really getting out of hand so let's put the brakes
on right now!

I do have a good deal of experience with program coordination and
development (this is what I do for Arizona State University) and I can
see right now that this is close to getting completely out of control.

First, I have received a message from Darkstar saying that he would be
more than happy to count up the votes and begin coordination of the
project. So, I will forward all e-mails to him. Second, when making
your votes please indicate whether you are interested in creating an
online "resource source for city information" or a PBEM online city.
Third, please send the votes either directly to Darkstar's or my
personal e-mail addresses (so we don't clutter up the list). They are:
hoss@box.net.au for Darkstar and Bryan.Palmer@ASU.EDU for myself.
Fourth, the results will be posted at the end of next week. Please
withhold any more suggestions or general ideas until we have been able
to tally the results. At that time we should be able to better
coordinate how the project will be developed and who will be part of the
team. I would personally like to have as many participate as possible
but a speciic gruop will have to be found to coordinate the project.

Remember that the information we are asking you to provide is the

E-mail address
City of Choice
Preference of resource or PBEM
Specialities you have that could help in project development
What you like to contribute

This is just the beginning of a very interesting project. Let's do it