Where do these levels come from? This man is working day in and day out
to run an "empire"; how the heck will he find time to do spell research
or practice a weapon? I can see the Chamberlain having attained sixth or
seventh level in a single class over the years and maybe as high as
tenth, but a level higher than 10th for him is just plain unreasonable

I realize that 30-40 magicians and 10-15 true mages is a high number for
the city, but you have to remember that the College of Sorcery and its
libraries will draw mages from all over the continent. I think the
numbers are reasonable given the stature of the college.


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> Subject: [BIRTHRIGHT] - Number of True Mages
> These guidelines were proposed for the Online City "project":
> >
> > Yes, someone definitely has to define areas for the city and come up
> > with a reasonable map. Nor do I think we can do this without first
> > establishing some guidelines about certain things:
> >
> > * How many spellcasters can be developed? How many priests and how
> many
> > mages? There aren't supposed to be more than 150 true mages on the
> whole
> > continent. It seems reasonable that there might only be 10 or 15 in
> the
> > capitol city, plus maybe 30-40 magicians.
> I wouldn't think any more than that. The college of sorcery would
> increase the number above the normal 1 or 2 mages in each kingdom.
> Now this seems too much for me (Randax). I allow only 150 in Cerialia
> at
> anytime. Has anyone made an offical count? That is, has anyone done
> the work
> to go through all the supplements and add up the number of true mages?
> Allowing for non-regents and regents apprentices, I think (an
> Assumption) that
> the limit has already been exceeded.
> In summation, I would say 10 MAX, including the Chamberlain. Most of
> them
> should be affiliated with the College.
> Randax