These guidelines were proposed for the Online City "project":
> Yes, someone definitely has to define areas for the city and come up
> with a reasonable map. Nor do I think we can do this without first
> establishing some guidelines about certain things:
> * How many spellcasters can be developed? How many priests and how many
> mages? There aren't supposed to be more than 150 true mages on the whole
> continent. It seems reasonable that there might only be 10 or 15 in the
> capitol city, plus maybe 30-40 magicians.

I wouldn't think any more than that. The college of sorcery would
increase the number above the normal 1 or 2 mages in each kingdom.

Now this seems too much for me (Randax). I allow only 150 in Cerialia at
anytime. Has anyone made an offical count? That is, has anyone done the work
to go through all the supplements and add up the number of true mages?
Allowing for non-regents and regents apprentices, I think (an Assumption) that
the limit has already been exceeded.

In summation, I would say 10 MAX, including the Chamberlain. Most of them
should be affiliated with the College.