>Any volunteers for a city planning committee?

Once the votes are in as to the city we'll be doing, the work will best be
divided up according to who would like to do what. Below I list some of
the needs I have either read or realized would be useful for someone to fill:

Interim Mayor - chair discussions of Council
- responsible for delegating jobs to volunteers
- will assign Magistrate and Election Officer posts
- will update everyone as to who to consult about which thing

Magistrate - will adjucate disputes in a fair manner

Election Officer - will hold first elections and produce results

Council - Decide which submissions are in 'final' form to be posted to the
- Decide on what rules will be used (ie: character levels, available
magic, ...)

Administrators -
LayOut Engineer - will set up the page in a manner that will allow easy
access to the information ppl are looking for by subject, etc...
Statistician - will compile population and other figures as requested
Map Coordinator - will take 'designers' ideas and fit them together
- until we have enough material and vote on the 'final map' will
rearrange to include as many (every?) suggestions as there are.
Holdings Coordinators (4+) - since so many of us will want input into the
few holdings in each area, these people will help to facilitate the
creative input process and make submissions to Council.

This is deliberately vague and not complete so that for those interested
you can send your suggestions directly to me at:
subject: Government
and I will compile the suggestions into a format we can all vote on (and
since I will be implementing the majority rules concept into the final
proposal, in a couple of days we should be able to elect a mayor).

Meanwhile on the subject of elections, why not everyone who wants to be
mayor post an election speech so we have something to go on? Of course the
job description is not even close to complete yet so you might be
volunteering for more than you bargain, but so goes the burden of
leadership :)

At your service,