On Wed, 28 Jan 1998 jonathan.w.ingram@exgate.tek.com wrote:
> I realize this may seem a bit stodgy, but settling these things in
> advance will save some time and aggravation down the road and make it
> easier to reconcile the various pieces with each other. Here are my
> opinions on the above issues:


> * Special dispensation from a "committee" of sorts is required to put a
> spellcaster in an environment outside the norm. Temples naturally will
> have lots of priests and the Magic college will be populated by mages.
> These folks might even frequent pubs and the like nearby. Other than
> these environments, no spellcasters should appear.

Any volunteers for a city planning committee?

> * No more than one permanent and two one-shot magical items per three
> levels of NPC experience, no 1st-level NPCs with magical items other
> than potions or scrolls, and restricted plus on items to a single +1 per
> two levels of NPC experience. Also, no more than three permanent and
> four one-shot items for any NPC (exceptions can be received through the
> "committee"). Items with special powers, like Vorpal swords or Staves of
> the Magi, require special dispensation to be included.

Of course, nothing should stop Bibble the Barbarian (MRj; unblooded; F1;
NG) from carrying that cursed +6 sword of vil that he accideeentally
found on his first adventure. Or something...

> * Only temples and the Magic college should sell magical items, plus
> perhaps two or three black market "shops" that deals with stolen items.
> Prices at the black market shops should be considerably higher than the
> public shops; most permanent items for sale will be sold through the
> black market shops, but some few minor items could be sold by temples or
> the college.

If that. I'm not convinced magic items should be for sale at all. Maybe
available on commission from the Mages (and we know how much they charge
don't we...) or the temples.

When magic items aree stolen it should be a bit like the suitcase of
drugs in True Romance or the money in Shallow Grave. Big plot

> * Most NPCs with classes and levels will be in the levels 1-3 range.
> Above this level should be rare; above sixth or seventh level should be
> almost unseen. The Chamberlain himself is probably only third or fourth
> level and most high priests won't exceed seventh level.

Doesn't Ruins of Empire describe Dosiere as being 10th or so level?
Agreed. I'd suggest one 7 - 12th level character per contributor, to
use as you will.

> These are just my suggestions, but I like to keep magic rare. Comments
> anyone? Comments from Ed Stark would be especially appreciated....I
> think he should be a voting member of "the committee".

Any other nominationns for a committe? Darkstar?