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    Neil Barnes

    RE: Online City

    Here's a thought with respect to the online ciity - why restrict
    ourslves to an onlin city - why not an online domain? We could do
    Avannil or Boeruine. Basically the poweer players in Anuire that don't
    get covered in the Players Secret's stuff.


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    Mauricio Mu├▒oz Lorenzo

    RE: Online City


    Well , for me it┬┤s easy to chose a home made city(I┬┤m playing very
    close to the Imperial city :D)
    Ok! My vote goes to the Imperial city of Anuire

    Darkstar escribi├│:

    > Jim Cooper wrote:
    > > Most of the votes for this city, if I'm not mistaken, have been for the
    > > Imperial City of Anuire (which also gets my vote); of all the cities of
    > > Cerilia this one is the most cosmopolitan. Sooo ....
    > It certainly get my vote.
    > > Some one should be the 'DM' for this, that is to say a director that
    > > will do the following things:
    > > 1) First, tally a vote from all interested listmembers on which city we
    > > will develop, then post them to this list. Any volunteers? (Darkstar,
    > > Sepsis?)
    > Sure, send in your votes one what city you want to me by private e-mail
    > with say the end of the week as a deadline and I will post the results
    > to the list.
    > So send your votes to
    > > 2) Provide (or find) a place to put all this data, or at the very least
    > > collect and collate all the data for this city that is posted to this
    > > list by the various contributors. Any volunteers? (Again, Darkstar,
    > > Sepsis?)
    > Well, as my page now has a new home there is plenty of space avalible
    > for maps and the like. So go for it. All I need now is a picture of a
    > fantasy city to use for the title bar.
    > > 3) Coordinate the various contributors (i.e. give e-mail addresses) who
    > > are working on the same parts/holdings of the city with each other.
    > I would also like to see everyone able to contribute ideas (buildings,
    > NPCs and the like)
    > > 4) Inform the list where the general BR List members can view the
    > > (ongoing) finished product.
    > Try
    > Let the games begin.
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    > Ian Hoskins
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    > ICQ: 2938300
    > Home Page:
    > >From the Darkness we came,
    > and to the Darkness we will return.
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