okay, I am REALLY confused now. I think (as somebody else has put it) that
this city idea has taken off in a big way. I don't know who's in charge
(several people have said they will take votes, but which one??) or how
this is going to work.

I think it would be good if everyone took a really deep breath and took
some time to further develop this idea a bit more. I would like to propose
that everyone holds off on their ideas just for the moment, and we figure
out how this is going to be done. I'll put in my 2GB.

Firstly, I think most people have said someone (or two, or three) should be
in charge of co-ordinating this massive effort. I definitely agree. Perhaps
a TSR rep would be able to advise us on a course of action (after all, they
do this all the time), and maybe volunteer as one of the 'moderators'. I
think that the moderators should be in charge of informing the list of
progress (assuming this is done off-list), maybe on a monthly basis. There
will also need to be some contact with TSR, especially regarding copyright
and such things. I don't know anything about this, so maybe somebody could
enlighten me.

Secondly, assuming we have a moderator (or 2 or 3), we should decide which
city should be done. I have seen a lot of votes for the Imperial City
(including mine :-) ), but everyone should have a proper say.

Thirdly, assuming we have a city and a moderator, we should all (as a
group) look at a map. Not the details, but an overall general map. For
example, is there a main thoroughfare, a big market square (as in
Sanctuary, in the Thieves World Series). What is the surrounding
country-side like (this will be very important to the city defenses); is
the city divided into districts...etc. Like I said, not the nitty gritty
details - these will come - but the overall 'feel' of the city. I think
that considering the size of the city, there should be plenty of scope for
anyone to do anything reasonable.

Fourthly, the city should be divided up and people alloted to these areas.
I was of the opinion that we are simply developing a city with a rich
background (and foreground) which could be used in our own campaigns.
People should be able to choose their own area (after all, we all do better
work when we like what we are doing), and the amount of detail will depend
on the number of people. From here, I don't know where we go, but I guess
by this stage we should have figured it out.

I think we should not expect this to happen soon. In fact, I would like to
see at least a break of a week or so to work out how this will work.

Who knows, perhaps TSR will even publish this effort (i know nothing about
copyright laws, etc - maybe someone who does could advise on this) - now
that would be something to tell your friends about!!

Hopefully I have doused the fires a little. I believe this idea can work
very very well, and be a good example to other games/gaming companies of
players working with the company in development. BUT, it must be properly
planned and executed, and this will take time and patience.

Any comments?