Okay, here goes nothing.

Here are my ideas on the city zones -

The Dock District

This area of the city is where all the major guilds have their warehouses,
all merchant ships dock, and the Imperial Navy (if there is such a thing)
its warships. It's full of seedy taverns and all kinds of vendors, from fish
salesmen to clothing retailers. It isn't the main commercial area of the city,

The docks spread all across the water areas of the Imperial City, and are
around several other areas of the city. This region is huge, almost as big as
the Artisans' district.

The Market

This area, adjoining the docks, is the main commercial area of the city. All
of the major guilds have their shops here, and this area is dominated by a
open air market with goods from all over Cerilia and beyond. The major
organizations always keep an eye on this area.

The Temple District

This region of the city houses temples to all gods worshipped anywhere in
Cerilia, including Moradin and the gods of the humanoids. The latter may not
have true temples, but only small shrines tended to by one or two priests.
Even temples to false gods exist, and some of these "false" gods are in fact
true gods being worshipped under a drastically different name and personality.
Religions not directly worshipping any diety exist as well, and these often
worship some force of nature or ideal.

The vaunted Colleges of Sorcery are also located in the Temple district, as
well as some shops selling spell components and other magical paraphernalia.
These shops are for the most part located near the area where the Market and
the Temple District join.

The Slums (Formally the Traders' District)

This is the "bad part" of the city. Most of the thieves' organizations have
their headquarters in this area. The penniless and refugees often hole up
in the Slums, and vagrants from other parts of the city are usually sent here.
The Slums are very unsafe at all times of the day, but especially at night.
In the morning, the streets are bloody and there are bodies strewn everywhere
as the rival thieves' guilds clash.

The Court

This area, next to the Temple District, was the center of the old Anuirean
Empire. The Imperial Court lies here, as well as the residences of most of the
city's major functionaries. The Colleges of Sorcery are generally considered
the border of where the Temple District ends and the Court begins. The wealthy
nobles also make their homes in this area.

The Court is also hosts the famed Imperial Legion. All military and other city
organizations are officially based out of the Court, although the less "nice"
(read, the City cleanup people) ones may actually conduct most of their
operations out of another part of the city.

The Artisans' District

The Artisans' District is the largest area of the city. Most of the common
folk and lesser merchants make their homes here. It abuts the Market and the
Slums. The thieves' guilds ply most of their trade here, picking the pockets
of the common folk.

If anyone wants to add to this, please do so. Remember, though, that a large
part of the Imperial City is based on interconnected islands (makes me think
of Venice).

Here are some NPCs that I originally suggested for Eric's PBeM Tavern, though
they might find some use here. I can make alterations to their descriptions to
take them out of the tavern role and into more of a citywide role...
remember that these descriptions were originally for barflies.

- ------
Moergen, Magician Most Magnificent (MA; W(Mag)16; Unblooded; N)
This unblooded magician wishes he was a regent, but without a bloodline
he can't be one. So, he spends most of his time using his extensive repertoire
of divination spells to learn the goings-on of Anuire, and more distant lands.
He then spends his time pretending to be a regent and telling his fellow
barflies what a wise regent (he!) would do in various situations. His advice
is not always sound.. after all, he only THINKS he's a ruler.

Arren Dorahriven (MA; R6; Re, minor, 13; NG)
The intrepid explorer Arren, a native of Mhoried, is always on expeditions
to the less developed regions of Anuire. His travels have taken him as far as
Northern Aduria, the Rjurik Wildlands, the islands off the west coast of
Anuire, and even through the Gorgon's Crown into Brechtur. His frequent
often take him through the City of Anuire (or wherever the tavern is).

Ashleight Fhaellie (F1/2E; B13; An, major, 25; NG)
Cha 18
This talented musician is one of the most famous bards in Anuire. She
all over the more populated regions of Anuire to give performances,
occasionally visiting far-off Brechtur and Khinasi. She often has information
regarding the goings on of nobles (her usual audience, and the ones that
approach her for private performances, like for a party or something), but
she hasn't forgotten her humble origins- if a trip is particularly
profitable, she gives free performances for the lower classes in taverns
and such. She visits her favorite tavern (this one) whenever she's in the
Imperial City...after all,
this is where she made her debut performance.

Harath Doneim (MA; R10; An, Tainted, 9; LG)
This skilled warrior is the leader of Anuire's Overland Shieldgard, a group
of mercenaries who hire out to protect merchants and travellers moving between
cities. The headquarters is in Mhoried, but the group also has main centers in
the Imperial City and Aerenwe. The membership of the Shieldgard is mostly
fighters of primarily good and neutral alignments, but the captains are
and fighters trained by Doneim himself. Often times, one of these low level
leaders can be found in the tavern, with news of the regions most recently

Scotch Stonebeard (MD; F8; Unblooded; CG)
The proprietor of the tavern is a retired mercenary, bearing many scars
his arms as a testament to the dozens of campaigns he's participated in. After
one particularly gruesome battle, he decided that he had enough and settled
down in the Imperial City to pursue his lifelong ambition of owning a tavern.
He has a fondness for strong drink, but his hardy constitution has become very
resistant to alcohol over the years. He keeps in touch with his friends from
Baruk-Azhik and often has information from that area. Since he has lived in
Imperial City for over 20 years, he also keeps an ear to the city's grapevine.

Aeric Belied (MB; T8; Br, Minor, 24; NE)
For those that know how to inquire properly, this accomplished spy and
assassin can be found at this tavern. He will take virtually any job if the
pay is sufficient. An expert in the use of poisons, he is a dangerous foe. He
also has many connections with the city's underlife. He's even enhanced his
bloodline by killing blooded targets.

Tomhie Laddien (FA; T2; Unblooded; LE)
This quiet woman is a representative of one of the local Thieves' guilds.
often has much to say about the shady dealings of the city - what her masters
want everyone to know, of course.

Azzim ibn Karoud (MK; F0; Unblooded; NG)
This fantastically wealthy (by nonregent standards) Khinasi merchant plies
his trade through a fleet of ships that sail the southern seas. He often stops
at ports in Southern Anuire (including Mieres), and makes a point to visit
this tavern whenever he can - the Khinasi don't get much steak. He's a people
person, and loves to tell people about the latest news in ports and such he's

Asten Loerael (MA; W1; An, Major, 29; CG)
This teenager is an unwilling student at the College of Sorcery. His
father, a minor noble, decided that one of this three children would become
a wizard. Asten's older brother is a city magistrate, and his older sister
has joined the
priesthood of Haelyn. He keeps in contact with his siblings, and frequents the
tavern as an escape from the College and the endless diatribes of his masters
on magic and the doings of the prominent wizards of Anuire. There's another
reason he comes here - he's got a hopeless crush on the bard, Ashleight
Fhaellie. He's recently reapplied himself to his studies since one of his
masters told him about magic that can make people regard the caster in a more
favorable light.

Grakk Grubhunter (MG; F2/T3; Unblooded; NE)
The Thuraz bounty hunter, Grakk, comes to the tavern often to look for jobs
or to sample the fine drink. He spends most of his time in the regions near
Thurazor, and when he's drunk, he'll talk to anyone, about anything.

Coeleor Blood-eye (MA; F5; Unblooded; CE)
Blood-eye, the pirate captain, comes here rarely and quietly. He often has
goods that he wants to unload to wealthy buyers, and information on the
bordering the Straits of Aerele. He has also once before encountered the
awnshegh that lives in that region, and barely escaped with his life.

Many other travellers and merchants come to this tavern, which is known for
its wide selection of fine drinks. The tavern is also reputed to have the
best steak in all Cerilia.

A suggested name for the tavern is the Blue Dragon Inn (and tavern), out of
my FR (waterdeep) campaign. It has become the unofficial residence of my
PCs :)
If anyone can think of a better name, by all means... :)
- ------

That all being said, I'd like to participate in the construction of this
city. I either want to create the head of the College or Sorcery or one of the
major merchants in the city. Conceivably, I could do both. :)

As for the map of the city, I can draw and scan it if nobody else wants to do

Any comments or suggestions, please ... :)