The following are new spell intented for use with my Witch Kit for
Cerilian Magicians, posted previously.


Shadow Flight (Necromantic)
See Fly for stats.

Allows the use of the Fly spell for witches, but can be used only when
under the effects of the Wraithform or Shadowy Transformation spells
(witches should fly, even if I don't go so far as broomsticks). Rationale:
the witch uses his connection to the Shadow World forged by the two
prerequesite spells to access movement powers available to those forms in
the Shadow World.


Contagion (Necromantic)
See Contagion for stats

A second, slow-acting form of this spell is available to witches. It
functions by binding a Shadow spirit into the body of a victim, bringing
the disease into effect at the normal progression rate. To dispel, Remove
Curse must be cast in addition to Cure Disease. Cure Disease alone will
remove the symptoms, but the disease will return, and this time proceed
at a faster rate. While the first form takes days to develop, the second
develops in only hours, the third in turns, and the fourth in rounds.
After that, if not successfully counteracted, the disease develops so
rapidly that the victim automaticaly dies. The spirit does not remain with
the corpse, so Raised or Reincarnated bodies are free of it. The spirit
can be detected with Wizard Sight, and the victim registers as evil to
Detect Evil but not to Know Alignment. The victim does NOT register to
Detect Magic unless the interior of the person is in some way examined--a
blood sample will suffice.

Painlash (Necromantic)
Range: 2 yards/level
Components: V,S
Duration: 1d4 rounds + 1 round/level
Casting Time: 4
Area of Effect: 1 creature
Saving Throw: Neg.

This spell unleashes a Shadow spirit into the body of a target, causing
incredible pain. The subject becomes unable to do anything other than curl
into a fetal ball, dropping anything carried, for at least the first
round. On the second round a Wisdom ability check to ignore the pain can
be made at -10 on the roll, although any Constitution bonuses may be
added. The check may be made on the first round IF the character has the
spellcraft proficiency AND is familiar with the spell. A character who
successfully resists the pain must make another check every 3 rounds or
succumb to the pain again, and all actions are at a -2 penalty. Remember
that recovering a dropped weapon requires one round. Use of weapons and
magical items is possible while wracked by pain, but spellcasting is not.


Enhanced Curse (Necromantic)
Range: Touch/Special
Components: V,S/M
Duration: Permanent/1 day/level
Casting Time: 4 segments/1 night
Area of Effect: 1 creature
Saving Throw: Negates/None

Witches are capable of curses of remarkable power, in part because of
their closeness to the denizens of the Shadow World. Enhanced Curse binds
a Shadow Spirit into the body of the victim, which then maintains the
power of the curse through its connection with the Shadow World. These
curses must be bestowed by touch, but a variant allows for a special form
of touch. The variant, which must be cast on a night with no moon (new
moon), requires as material components a cup made of lead and set with six
black onyx, filled with wine, into which is dissolved the powder of one
ruby worth not less than 100gp/bloodline strength category of the
victim (a victim of major bloodline would require a bloodstone of not less
than 300gp value). The resulting liquid is then poured upon one object to
be enchanted with the curse. The liquid is consumed by the casting, but
the cup is not. The enchanted item will be able to pass the curse on for
one day per level of the casting witch. However, in order for the curse to
be transmitted, the items must be actually brought into a person's body:
whether by eating, drinking, or puncturing the skin (the "prick" of
Sleeping Beauty). Note that this action must be self-inflicted--being
stabbed by the object will NOT work--but the victim does not necessarily
need to know that there is a tiny needle on the handle of that sword. Note
that all curses must have a weakness, which must be set at the time of
casting (when her head is wrapped with three red scarves, when his hand
graps the haft of the Sword of St. Naelyn, when the shadow of a Truely
Wise Man darkens his brow--I'd advise avoiding "true loves" as difficult
to adjucate, and inherently unreliable :) ), and which can often be
determined through divination.
Once the curse is transmitted, it is also more difficult to
remove. When a cleric attempts to cast Remove Curse on the victim, both
the cleric and the spirit must make a saving throw vs. spells (the spirit
gets the saving through of the casting witch). If both saving throws
success, there is no change. If the cleric succeeds but the spirit fails,
the spirit is dispelled and returns to the Shadow World. If the spirit
succeeds but the cleric fails, BOTH the original victim AND the cleric now
suffer the effects of the curse. If BOTH fail the saving throws, the
victim is cured, but now the cleric suffers the effects of the curse. The
cleric can gain a +1 to his throw by casting Protection from Evil on
himself; having a second cleric cast Chant during the process adds another
+1 and penalizes the spirit by -1, and casting Prayer before hand adds
another +1/-1 modifier.

Some possible Curses:
Curse of Sleep: The Cursed falls into a deep sleep.
Curse of Ugliness: The Cursed is affected by a permanent Scare spell,
Charisma is lowered to 3 for those above level 6.
Curse of Blindness: As the Blindness spell, but substitute "inky
blackness" for "grayness."
Curse of Bemusement: The Cursed is affected as if by a permanent Hypnotic
Pattern. Successful Wisdom check allows 3 rounds of lucidity.
Curse of Itching: The Cursed is affected as if by the first variant of the
spell Irritation whenever he does some activity (draw a bow, swing
a sword, open a book, etc)
Curse of Stench: The Cursed is affected as if surrounded by a permanent
Stinking Cloud spell that he cannot detect. Good one for
characters with inflated egos.
Curse of Shrinking: The Cursed is affected as if my the reverse of
Enlarge. An Enlarge spell returns him to normal, until the spell
wears off.
Curse of Incomprehendable Language: (you get the pattern)
Curse of Ire: All opponents target the Cursed individual first. The most
powerful opponent will always choose the victim as first target.
Curse of Weakness: STR reduced to 3
Curse of Slowness: DEX reduced to 3
Curse of Forgetfullness: INT reduced to 3
Curse of Silence: The Cursed becomes unable to talk, write, pantomime, or
communicate in any way about one subject. Usually the poor
victim has important information about a vital crisis, and must
resort to trying to manipulate the important people into being in
the right place at the right time.

Enhance Shadow (Illusion/Phantasm)
Increases the duration, range, or HD of any "Spirit-inhabited" spells of
4th level or less cast by the witch by +50%. HD can refer to strength
of summoned creatures, or to number summoned. See following chart for
spells which are considered "spirit-inhabited" when cast by a witch.

Spirit-inhabited Spells:
Third Phantom Steed, Spectral Force
Fourth Minor Creation, Phantasmal Killer, Shadow Monsters, Contagion,
Painlash, Black Tentacles (Evard's/Shaefpaete's)
Fifth Demishadow Monsters, Nightmare, Major Creation, Animate Dead,
Summon Shadow
Sixth Mislead, Shades, Hellhound


Project Shadow (Illusion/Phastasm)
Range: Special
Components: V,S,M
Duration: 1 minute/level of caster
Casting Time: 1 round
Area of effect: Caster's shadow
Saving Throw: None

As the Spell "Project Image," only the caster's own shadow is sent, and is
only mistaken for the caster in low light. The caster can see, hear, and
speak through the shadow, and can cast spells up to 4th level through it.
The Shadow is immaterial, and all physical attacks pass harmlessly through
it, though a successful Dispel Magic will dispel it. The shadow can be
sent up to 100 miles distance, but cannot cross any body of water that the
caster cannot jump across, though this is not necessarily common
knowledge. The shadow can travel at speeds up to 10 miles/minute, but the
caster must be able to locate his target by normal means, usually via a
previous divination or mundane knowledge. The material component is a
small lead figurine of the caster, which is consumed by the casting.

Permanent Shadow (Illusion/Phantasm)
Increases the Duration of any spirit-inhabited spells to Permanent. They
may still be dispelled or destroyed by normal means.

Hellhound (Necromancy)
Range: 10 yards
Components: V,S,M
Duration: special
Casting Time: 1 night
Area of effects: 1 creature
Saving throw: none

This spell creates a nightmarish hound from the material of the Shadow
World, inhabited by a Shadow spirit. Much like an invisible stalker, the
hound can be tasked to seek out one individual person, and attack. The
caster must have an item that bears the scent of the target, or must have
been inside one of the target's dreams (via the Dream/Nightmare spell).
However, the hound can only exist in the material world during the
night--at daybreak it must retreat back into the Shadow World. However, it
can easily pick up the scent again the next day.
The hound is only visible to the target, but magical assistance
may make it visible to the target's companions. The Hellhound has 3
attacks. It can cause Fear, as per the 4th level spell, but only to its
intended target (even when others can see it). If the victim saves, the
Hound will wait, prowling half-seen in the darkness, braying spectral
howls that only the victim can hear. The victim must make the saving throw
every hour during the night. If the victim falls asleep, the Hound will
use its third attack (see below). If the victim does not save, he
immediately begins to flee the apparition, which proceeds to give chase
until the victim drops from exhaution. The victim looses 20-CON hp for
every turn he flees in terror, and will collapse from exhaution when
reduced to half of his hitpoints, unless he makes an Endurance ability
check (if successful, he MUST keep running).
The second attack is a bite, doing 1d10 points of damage. The
Hound will seldom attempt this attack in the presence of others, but on
fleeing subjects, the teeth-shaped wounds are often overlooked among the
various cuts, bruises and abbrasions. A character with the Healing
proficiency may notice them on a successful check at -2 penalty.
The third attack is the ability to "drag" the soul of the victim
back into the Shadow World, where it experiences the rest of the night as
a Nightmare, causing 1d10 damage and preventing restful sleep. Upon
daybreak, the soul of the victim returns to its body, but no force will
return it during the night except physically retreaving the soul from the
Shadow World. Dispel Magic returns the victim to restful sleep until the
Hound returns to claim it again. Protection from Evil prevents the
physical attack, but not the Fear attack; the Hound CAN attack a
Protected character who is fleeing in terror. Remove Curse breaks the
connection between the Hound and the victim but does not destroy the
Hound, which returns to the witch for new instructions. Only destroying
the Hound (as a 4 HD monster which can only be harmed by +1 weapons or
better) or the death of a victim ends the spell. The Hound must physically
attack the victim to steal the soul, so victims who are sleeping when
attacked will display the teethmarks somewhere on their bodies, mystifying
Material components of the spell are a large black onxy and a
large bloodstone worth at least 100 gp each. They are powered into a cup
of red wine, which is then poured onto the ground in a ritual which can
only be performed on nights with no moon (new moon). The Hellhound springs
up from the ground where the wine was poured. Pouring Holy Water on the
exact spot will also dispel the magic.

I hope you like these. They can be used, I suppose, whether or not you
decide to incorporate the Witch Kit into your game.

Mark VanderMeulen