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    Bryan Palmer

    Online city

    Having served as an air force officer you'd think I'd learned not to
    volunteer for projects like this one! However, I'm going to throw my
    hat in the ring. I'd like to be both an organizer and contributor to
    the project. If no one has any objections, I'll take the initiative and
    ask for all those interested to send me the following information:

    - -Name
    - -E-mail address
    - -The city you want to develop (your vote)

    And for those wanting to contribute to the project:

    - -What aspect of the city (guild, religious holding, etc) you are
    interested in creating
    - -Any particular expertise that could be used for project development
    (e.g. graphic artist, cartographer, etc)

    I'll wait until sometime next week to post the results of the vote.

    My personal e-mail address is Bryan.Palmer@ASU.EDU

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    Daniel Gothe

    Online City

    Assuming we select Imp City:

    I think that since the city is so large, anyone who is interested could go
    ahead and produce a minor location or an NPC. This work won't really need
    any directioning, at least not to start with.

    However, I guess we need someone or some people to come up with a rough
    sketch over the city, to provide 'neighborhoods', or parts of the city.

    Then as the independent locations and NPC increase in numbers, they can be
    placed in appropriate neighborhoods.

    I recall Darkstar mentioning something about an Inn or a tavern he had
    created. Since I haven't seen it yet, I don't know what it's like, but
    that's the kind of stuff we could do for now. Small, yet atmosperic,
    location without a MAJOR impact to the overall city.

    Then some people should get together to write some stuff about the more
    important locations.

    Anyway... I'm just really excited about this. The netbook is a great place
    to have it at, but I realize that it would mean a lot of extra work for
    Darkstar et. al. Anyone else who would like to 'host' it?

    Daniel, Sweden

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    Brian Stoner

    Online City

    Wow, it didn't take long for the idea of an online city to take off. I too
    would like to get in on all this. Any city would be fun, although the Imperial
    City would be nice. As for my own character, I would like him to be part of
    the city guard/army. Designing the defences for the city sounds fun.


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