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    Akash Kanojia

    RE: Online City

    At 12:48 PM 1/28/98 -0800, you wrote:
    >I'd like to help out. I myself would like to see Anuire proper done
    >unless TSR is going to do something with it within the next year.
    >My first suggestion is that we decide on a form of government for the
    >city and then divide the city (whichever city is chosen) into logical
    >areas. For instance, one or two people could coordinate the entire city
    >guard system and provide relevant NPCs, composition of the guard, etc.
    >Another team may be concerned with the government proper (is there a
    >mayor or a council or both? How are decisions made and who are the
    >people who make them? What other factions have a say, illicit or
    >otherwise, in the decisions?) Naturally, there should be a thieves guild
    >containing warehouses, whorehouses, and other fronts for the illegal
    >activities; one or two people might square off to handle this.

    This sounds good to me. Don't forget that the College of Sorcery needs
    to be represented too...

    Additionally, there is an interesting tavern that we're using in Eric
    Dunn's PBeM game. Lots of people in the game had good ideas for it, and
    with his permission it could be used in this city.

    I'm also willing to help out creating the city.

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    RE: Online City

    Jim Cooper wrote:

    > Most of the votes for this city, if I'm not mistaken, have been for the
    > Imperial City of Anuire (which also gets my vote); of all the cities of
    > Cerilia this one is the most cosmopolitan. Sooo ....

    It certainly get my vote.

    > Some one should be the 'DM' for this, that is to say a director that
    > will do the following things:
    > 1) First, tally a vote from all interested listmembers on which city we
    > will develop, then post them to this list. Any volunteers? (Darkstar,
    > Sepsis?)

    Sure, send in your votes one what city you want to me by private e-mail
    with say the end of the week as a deadline and I will post the results
    to the list.
    So send your votes to

    > 2) Provide (or find) a place to put all this data, or at the very least
    > collect and collate all the data for this city that is posted to this
    > list by the various contributors. Any volunteers? (Again, Darkstar,
    > Sepsis?)

    Well, as my page now has a new home there is plenty of space avalible
    for maps and the like. So go for it. All I need now is a picture of a
    fantasy city to use for the title bar.

    > 3) Coordinate the various contributors (i.e. give e-mail addresses) who
    > are working on the same parts/holdings of the city with each other.

    I would also like to see everyone able to contribute ideas (buildings,
    NPCs and the like)

    > 4) Inform the list where the general BR List members can view the
    > (ongoing) finished product.


    Let the games begin.

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    Ian Hoskins

    ICQ: 2938300
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    From the Darkness we came,
    and to the Darkness we will return.

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