Hey folks:

Since we haven't heard any nay-sayers about doing an online city, lets
stop talking and do it guys! Even our godfather Ed Stark wants to see
this city, so lets get to it! (not to mention that Mr. Stark is
presently in deep sleep after his last stink of 143 hours cranking out
new Br products, and Carrie only swings by our website every 76 years

Most of the votes for this city, if I'm not mistaken, have been for the
Imperial City of Anuire (which also gets my vote); of all the cities of
Cerilia this one is the most cosmopolitan. Sooo ....

Some one should be the 'DM' for this, that is to say a director that
will do the following things:
1) First, tally a vote from all interested listmembers on which city we
will develop, then post them to this list. Any volunteers? (Darkstar,
2) Provide (or find) a place to put all this data, or at the very least
collect and collate all the data for this city that is posted to this
list by the various contributors. Any volunteers? (Again, Darkstar,
3) Coordinate the various contributors (i.e. give e-mail addresses) who
are working on the same parts/holdings of the city with each other.
4) Inform the list where the general BR List members can view the
(ongoing) finished product.

BTW, I would like to be a contributor.

Sound like a plan??? Are we go for go???