I'd like to help out. I myself would like to see Anuire proper done
unless TSR is going to do something with it within the next year.

My first suggestion is that we decide on a form of government for the
city and then divide the city (whichever city is chosen) into logical
areas. For instance, one or two people could coordinate the entire city
guard system and provide relevant NPCs, composition of the guard, etc.
Another team may be concerned with the government proper (is there a
mayor or a council or both? How are decisions made and who are the
people who make them? What other factions have a say, illicit or
otherwise, in the decisions?) Naturally, there should be a thieves guild
containing warehouses, whorehouses, and other fronts for the illegal
activities; one or two people might square off to handle this.

Incidentally, I'm also interested in the release date for future
domains. I didn't see any listed in the TSR catalog as due for release.


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> >populating
> >>an online city. I was wondering if anyone was thinking of doing the
> same
> for
> >>Cerilia? Would it not be interesting to get our own small city to
> build
> and
> >>divide up as we wished?
> Did we ever decide what city to use? I heard Mieres as a possible
> location, here's mine: how about Blackgate, capitol of Danigau? It's
> high
> ranking enough to be a good sized city (level 5 province), Brechtur is
> fairly cosmopoliton anyway, and it is near several other cultures:
> dwarves,
> Rjurik, and goblins. This could be the perfect spot.
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