On Wed, 28 Jan 1998, Matthew Speer wrote:

> 1) Scrolls with spells 3rd level and above outside of the Div
> and Illusion schools are not usable by magicians and high level thieves.
> This would make wizards even more powerful in Birthright.

I've always done it this way.

> 2) Rods, staves, and wands can be handled as above, or they can
> be ruled to be enchanted such that the power flows through the item and
> not the user. The former would make wizards more powerful again, while
> pretty well screwing the magicians. But what wizard is going to make
> powerful magic items for those wimpy little magicians anyway.

I've always used the second option, that magicians are able to "trigger"
the magic in magical items, even if they can't cast the original spell.

Mark VanderMeulen