Well guys,

although there were not that many ideas on the problem of my PC and his
new tanaari overlord, I did appreciate your help very much. I have
gotten some good ideas and I presume Brand sees your help as a saving
from eternal disgrace. Point was that I had to do this or I could roll a
new PC who- because of the others- had to 'fit in' the new campaign, so
it had te be an evil basterd anyway. So why not try it otherwise. I
tried, as a good Brecht, to negotiate a 'mutual beneficial agreement'
but for some reason or another these kind of extraplanner beings are not
the best guys to make a deal with. Hmmm, you comply, or your dead! Yes,
but, let's see it from this side....aarrgh! OK I comply. It went more or
less like that. Point of discussion is of course, now he is venerated as
a god, what would happen if I die? Usually believers go to their own
god's 'elysium' on their plane. Would it mean I would go to the Abyss?
Any thoughts? I think he's not that powerful yet.

Anyway, Brand will try to keep worhipping Sera and Cuiraecen, but that
will resume in a few months, now the Dark Lord is watching too closely.
I will fight the alignment change as stated in the DMG or PH, so I will
break free in the end, or I die anyway. I'll keep you informed.
- --
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Sebastiaan Berendse

'But a person needs new experiences.
It draws something deep inside him, allowing him to grow.
Without change, something sleeps inside us, and seldom awakens.
The sleeper must awaken!'
(Dune, the movie)
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