Too easy and too abitrary, how about:

"Having lowered yourself out of your rope trick extradimensional
space with that neat little fireball spell you memorized, you spot a
likely target for it's application. You bring the spell forth in your
mind, summoning up and releasing the energies necessary to power the big
ball of flame to toast your hapless enemy. You feel the energy gather
and surge, pulsing through your body, you love the feeling of power
coursing into you. The energy grows and increases, you've never felt
such power! But, it's not stopping! How much energy does a mere little
fireball take?!? You can't move, you can hardly breathe, the energy
fills you to overflowing! You feel like your going to explode! Your
hands burst into flame, your losing control of the massive energies that
you have summoned! How can this be, it all seemed so easy in that
artificial extra-dimensional space. The flames are up to your elbows,
frantically you try and shut down the spell, close off the energy surge
flowing into you, but you can't think, can't focus your will, your mind
is burning, the pressure is so intense! The flames cover your entire
body, engulfing you in the mystical energies you sought to harness for
you fireball, but were unable to control. Unable to control because
your blood does not contain the essence of the old gods. The horrible
monster looks at you in confusion as your ashes crumble to the ground."

Matt Speer

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Magic Limitation

At 10:43 AM 12/26/97 -0500, you wrote:
>Oh shhhhh***ttttt I think I found a large gaping hole in the
>I hope I am wrong soot holes in this PLEEEZE. :)
>5th level Mage (not wizard) casts Rope Trick.
>5th level Mage (not wizard) climbs Rope, leaves Aerbynnis space
> enters an "extradimensional space". He studies all the
spells he
> could not learn in Cerilla, among them Fireball for example.
>5th level Mage (not wizard) can now memorize Fireball by
entering an
> extradimensional space via Rope Trick. He can't recover the
spell until
> he re-enters another Rope Tick but that cost is small
compared to the
> power gained. (IMHO)
>The Cat is now out of the bag. :(
>Proposed solutions;
>1) Rope Trick is forbidden or does not work.
>2) Rope Trick opens into Shadow World and makes a lot of noise

> doing so.
>3) Something else.
>Ideas ?
3) Something else.

A big monster is waiting for the magician when he climbs down
out of the
extradimensional space and it eats him before he can cast the

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Ed Stark