Several months ago I put out a list of languages that could be used
instead of the single one assigned to Anuire. After all, Birthright is such
a varied campaign, it deserves a more detailed approach to language. I also
promised to do the same thing for the other regions of Cerilia. Well, now
that I have some time again here are the languages for the frigid highlands
of the Rjurik:

When the first Rjuven refugees arrived in the arctic highlands they
brought with them a legacy of thousands of years. The speakers of two
ancient, and closely related, languages (Skapaar and Rjuvin) the Rjuven
brought these two tounges with them to their new homeland.
Due to the chaoctic circumstances of their flight from the Shadow
the speakers of these two languages were forced to cooperate more closely
than they had ever been required to do before. In the matter of a few
generations the languages melded into the ancient Rjuven tounge. This
process was greatly facilitated by the elves of woodlands, who caused the
Rjuven to unite against them, thereby solidifying the alliance among the two
Rjuven tribes.
However, the period after the cataclysm at Deismaar saw the
fracturing of the united Rjuven, now Rjurik, as various jarls and warlords
attempted to forge empires from the Highlands. This caused the Rjuven
language to split along the Vika River.
After the alliance with the Anuirean Empire eastern Rjuven began to
absorb a large amount of Anuirean vocabulary and structure, becoming very
different from the Western language. With time a third language was formed
as a mixture of Eastern and Western Rjuven, as well as some goblinoid and
sidheilien. This language first appeared in the nation of Hogunmark, which
was founded through the efforts of both eastern and western Rjurik.

The modern highlands house the three languages that follow:

Skaping: Descended from Western Rjuven, this language is the most similar to
Ancient Rjuven. It is spoken in the nations of Halskapa and Jankaping; the
realm of the Siren; and in the Thaelasian colonies of Hoekstraad and Rjalford.

Rjurik: This is the language that cosists of a mixture of Eastern Rjuven and
Anuirean. Although the vocabulary and pronunciation are Rjurik in nature,
the structure of the grammar follow Anuirean patterns. This language is
easily understood by speakers of Hogunmar and Dhoesonean. Speakers of
Skaping find the language too illogical, but can understand it with
difficulty. It is spoken in Svinik, Rjuvik, Stjordvik, and the colony of

Hogunmar: This language is formed from the fusion of Skaping and Rjurik,
just as Rjuven was formed from Skapaar and Rjuvin. Hogunmar has spread
widely and is spoken in Hogunmark, Kvingmar, Hjolvar, and serves as the
Rjurik language in the Giantdowns.

Rjuven: Although the ancient toungue is no longer spoken by the populace at
large it is widely used by druids and skalds; it is also considered the
language of diplomacy.

Note that the White Witch's realm contains speakers of the three languages,
however the language spoken in her capital at Mandal is Skaping.

As a final note, each language (except for Rjuven, which has become rigidly
unchanging, much the same way that latin has in our world) contains a wealth
of dialects. There is an urban dialect for each language, which is spoken by
the civilized Rjurik. The nomadic Rjurik have, on average, a dialect for
each nomadic tribe. Depending on how isolated the tribe is this could range
from a slight accent all the way to another language.

I'd love to have some feedback on all this. After all that's what this list
is for isn't it? Sharing ideas :)