On Sat, 24 Jan 1998, Glenn Robb wrote:
> Acutally, Hold Person should not be an Enchantment/Charm spell, but an
> evocation/invocation spell. Here is the reason.
> A. It's an attack spell. It is used to hold one person in one place.

It's a mind affecting spell - it prevents voluntary movement (but not
involutary movement such as breathing, hands slipping of precariously
held bits of rope, whatever.

Schools of Philosophy are based on mechanism rather than function.

> B. It either pits a force to prevent the person from moving (eg. gravity) or it
> affects the voluntary nervous system (it prevents signals to be recieved by
> skeletal muscles). Either way, a force is invoked in both cases. I prefer the
> gravity effect, because Magic is an outside force.

Urgh. Back Vile Physics, Back I Say!

(turning chance vs Special? :)